Space shuttle Endeavour goes to Randy’s Donuts

I truly wish I was able to cover this story live from the scene but school has kept me locked up in my room with no social life. However, there was tons of coverage from plenty of media outlets that we can share here. So much has been happening in the donut shop world, but this event is historic.

Randy’s Donuts is one of the best known of the “giant donut” chains so they are constantly making news. Here is a quick time line of the Space shuttle Endeavour meet with donut stardom.

Randy’s prepared for the shuttle’s passing last week by adding this replica shuttle to the inside of the donut

Photo via AB

The Los Angeles Times City Beat reported about space shuttle donut’s at Randy’s as they prepare for the welcoming.   Iced Space Shuttle for sale at Randy’s Donuts


Photo via LA Times City Beat

Finally, here are the great images of the shuttle at Randy’s Donuts.Full story via The Dark Room

Full story on USA Today  photo by Photo: Mark J. Terrill, AP

The shuttle’s travel for LAX to the California Science Center is not easy. Shuttle’s journey across L.A. is a vast challenge in logistics

As the shuttle continues its journey the donut shop world will have a great memory in history. If any of you readers seen this live please share your feedback.


DJ aka Miss Donut



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