Are Donuts Trendy?

I know it sounds weird but the past few years I been seeing an explosion in donut related merchandise, stories, and Instagram accounts showing all these creative donuts and lines wrapped around the corner with patrons eagerly waiting. The donut has been around forever and the shops we explored have been around just as long. However, with today’s social media the donut has been made over in a poppy sort of way. We have not covered donut related stories in a while mostly because we got busy with life, but it does not mean we stopped loving those beloved donut shops. It’s like a donut revolution and in a way, it’s kind of cute but it definitely, changes the way we see donuts.
I just read the latest article in Los Angeles Magazine (one of the hundreds of donut-related articles I run into on a monthly basis) which gives a breakdown of the trendy or “artisanal” donut shops from the classic ones to the Instagram famous ones.

Your Definitive Guide to the 22 Most Important Doughnuts in L.A.

So will this donut trend eventually fade out? Not sure but it’s interesting what comes out of this donut phenomena. Stay tuned.


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