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Life has been busy, and every time I look online I see more and more donut related stories and merchandise. It’s like if the world is  going through some donut fad or something?? Anyhow it means more stuff to post about for us lazy as bloggers who don’t have time to review shit. Here are the photo’s of the day courtesy of my Instagram friends.



I would not be able to tell you if they are good personally but I trust my friends so be on the look out!



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Giant Donut Saved

Word has it that donut chain Dunkin’ Donuts is coming to Cali and setting up shop in Long Beach at a former donut shop called the Daily Grind. However, there is a 1950s giant donut that has called this place home for more than 50 years. Luckily Dunkin’ Donuts has a heart on the matter because they are keeping the giant donut after the community expressed their concerns. Big donut chains are not our fav here at Donut Shop Conspiracy but we give them props for doing the right thing. Read more here. 

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Signage: M & T Donuts Compton

My apologies to the few that run into this blog. We have not posted in a while even though we still frequent donut shops. No excuse for laziness I suppose. Anyhow I have lots to share for this year so I will do my best to post more often. I can’t say much about swizzle sticks though…

Anyhow, I ran into this amazing vintage sign in Compton this weekend for M&T Donuts. The shop was closed when I snapped the photo but I will try and check out the merchandise next time. The sign alone is a gem classic Googie architecture.

Vintage Donut Shop Sign

2013 W. Compton Blvd

(310) 639-6158

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Photo of The Day: Birthday Card Donut

Photo of The Day: Birthday Card Donut

Instagram shot by artist “Gob” showing off the birthday card he created for a friend. It includes a pink sprinkled donut as the “O” now that is always amazing in our book.

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Gold All In Your Donut

Gold everything as Trinidad James would say, but gold donuts? hell yeah! New York based photographer Sam Horine posted a picture on his Instagram called “Breakfast of Champions” which included a gold coated donut. Not sure if it is edible but its a beautiful sight.

sam horine gold donut

Check out more of Sam Horine’s Tumbler Page

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Donut Coasters

Donut Coasters

Need something to put your coffee cup on? well get over to Goodwill in Gardena and grab a box of donut shaped coasters for a buck. Enjoy.

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We need “Cronuts” in LA

Exciting news in the donut world. In recent months there has been a new species of donut called the “Cronut” which is half donut and half croissant. Sounds super fancy, and coming from a known pastry chef and bakery in New York it kind of is. However, it looks delicious and worth a try. There has been various copycats spotted around the county but none that hit LA yet. I like to see what the local donut shops can come up with soon enough. But if you are in NY check it out  Dominique Ansel Bakery in NY “Cronut 101” 




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